Book Talks and School Visits

Author Priscilla Cummings visits schools and speaks to students in grades K through 9th grade. She also visits libraries and other youth and adult groups to talk about her books and the writing process.

Book talks at elementary schools are 45 minutes long. The author talks about how she came up with the ideas for her stories, how she created and named her characters, and then takes students through her writing process and shows them how a book is made. With fourth and fifth graders, she also pulls in information about researching and writing her novels. Students are always allowed time to ask questions.

Book talks for middle schools focus on the author's novels and are generally an hour long. Priscilla talks about how she turns the spark of a good idea into an entire novel, weaving in information about plot, characterization and theme. She hopes her audience has done some reading beforehand and includes time for students to ask questions.


School visits in the state of Maryland start at $975 for two talks; $1400 for a full day. A full day includes three talks and, for elementry schools, a reading for pre-K and/or K.

For travel to all schools beyond an hour, mileage is charged, and, depending on distance, the cost of an overnight stay may also be added.

For visits out of state or other questions, please contact the author here.

Autographed books

Priscilla is happy to autograph books in conjunction with a school visit. In the state of Maryland she can sell her own books to schools and other groups at a discount. If you would like more information, please see the Book Ordering Page. Or, you may contact the author here.